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Q : How Trickpay prices code are fixed?

Prices are set in agreement with telecommunication operators in each country. We select various tariff levels in accordance with the interests of our merchants and various legal measures.

Q: Can I establish my own code prices?

You can not create your own rates because we have to respect the tariff levels set by operators and regulatory authorities in different countries.

Q: How does it work?

To integrate our solution TrickPay on your site, you only need an account TrickPay. Just log in and follow the instructions

Q: How do I add a site?

You just need a TrickPay account. Once logged in, simply follow the instructions of your account for the addition of a new site

Q: How can I add a product?

You just need a TrickPay account. Once logged in, simply follow the instructions of your account for the addition of a new product.

Q: How do I get a repayment?

Just make the request after entering your credit card details on the page General Profile". We also invite you to see the conditions of repayment required. We will treat your request as quickly as possible."

Q: For which clients, TrickPay is it the best solution?

TrickPay is particularly suitable for merchants selling services or products of small unit value: virtual currency, downloads, purchase records release... And want to reach an unbanked public.

Q: Why do you need my Banking informations?

We need your bank account information in order to make your winnings to your bank account.

Q: What is a SWIFT code?

The SWIFT refers to your bank account. You can get it from your bank.

Q: What kind of products can I sell with TrickPay solution?

TrickPay is used for downloads, charging credit purchase virtual currency, value added services and other digital content that your customer need to purchase.

Q: How do I change the information on my site or my product?

The information can be changed on the My Products" section into your account."

Q: Why access numbers (SMS +)-they can not be displayed directly on my website?

Our numbers may be modified at any time. Therefore and in order to maintain optimum level of service, you can not display our numbers directly on your websites.

Q: Is it difficult to install the TrickPay solution on my website?

TrickPay the solution is very easy to implement. Without any special knowledge and using our guide, you can install TrickPay scripts on your website in less than an hour.

Q: What are the prices by country and by operator?

Please consult our repayment rake.

Why use premium SMS Is submitted for your approval?

L2T, the publisher of the TrickPay solution must ensure that the site content is in accordance with different eligibility rules imposed by some operators and regulators.

Q: I want to use TrickPay on my personal website but I'm afraid if I do not have enough users,to be penalized or to see my account closed?

TrickPay does not impose a quota codes or `` reach a volume of users to benefit from its repayments so you can use this same system on a personal site.

Q: How to install TrickPay payment script on my site?

Simply copy and paste the HTML code we've provided in the confirmation page for your product

Q: Why are my revenues lower than my product purchase prices?

The amounts shown on your scripts are different from those actually collected due to the commission deducted by the operator and Telecommunications Commission TrickPay.

Q: When will I receive my check or bank transfer?

You can send a request as soon as your income reaches a minimum amount. Once you have made a request, it is handled by our staff as soon as possible.

Q: How do I change my banking informations?

You can change your banking information in your account. Once connected, follow the instructions under «My Profile."

Q: To register, do I need to provide supporting documents?

You must send three copies to the L2T Terms initialed on each page, signed and sealed by the liable manager, president or other authorized person, and a recent copy of the Register of Commerce (or a copy of a piece of valid if you are an individual identity), within 7 days of your registration on the site so that your account is finally validated TrickPay

Q:Is the access code that will be assigned to access my paid content will be the same for all users?

Every code provided by TrickPay is unique. A different code is delivered to each call to access your paid content.

Q: When could I get my repayment?

When your earnings reach the minimum threshold (TND 50 for residents Tunisians and € 100 for non-residents Tunisian), an alert will be automatically displayed in your User Area. Action on your behalf is required to unlock the processing of your payment. If you are a Professional, the processing of your payment is made upon receipt of your invoice to be sent only on the email You can make one demand by check, at most, a month. The Repayment will be made after confirmation of Statistics by Telecom Operators.

Q: Do I need to create multiple accounts if I have multiple sites?

No, you don’t, as your TrickPay account allows you to use our payment system across multiple sites.

Q: I registered, but I do not understand the difference between Add Site" and "Add Product"!"

In order to make paid access to different pages or products (content or services) you must save the sites to which they belong. If you only have one site, saving a single site, in which you configure the different products monetize.

Q: Do you provide access my statistics (payments on my site) via TrickPay?

Yes. In your admin interface you will find in the Statistics" the number of accesses generated daily, and that, for each product monetized and the amount you are owed"

Q : what is trickpay ?

Trickpay is a micropayment solution with premium SMS.

Q : How to become a Trcikpay Merchant ?

You have to register on the website, with a registration fee 100 TND taxes free/year for tunisian resident, and 100 €/year for non-tunisian resident.Once you’re registred, you have access and can use the solution. To register you have to complete the form : for Individual or for campany.

Q : What are the costs associated with the use of TrickPay?

The only fees are those related for creation and management TrickPay account : 100 TND taxes free / year for Tunisian residents and 100 € / year for non-Tunisian residents. We also take a variable commission on each payment made to your site via TrickPay. We invite you to display the payouts made for each level of payment.

Q: How to install TrickPay on my site?

To embed TrickPay scripts on your site, you need a Trickpay account. Just log in and follow the instructions to create your products.

Q: What is a Premium SMS or SMS +?

Premium SMS is a text message charged (based on tariff level used) directly on your mobile phone subscription. The user sends a keyword to a specific number and receives an SMS reply containing an access code TrickPay on his mobile.

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