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How does it work ?

A fast an easy and reliable implementation.

To embed and use TrickPay, the webmaster must follow those steps :

He have to create a Trickpay account : by filling the incription form : ( Individual or Company account)

A confirmation email will be sent with a validation link which allow him to finish account creation and to connect.

Once Connected, the Webmaster can setup / configure products and services to monitize, by clicking
Once in his TrickPay Account, the Webmaster can configure its products and services to monetize by clicking the "Add item" and follow the instructions: Adding Sites, Adding Products, and Choice of payment methods.

On the next step, scripts will be generated Automatically, and will be embedded into the site to make paid content.

If the user want to have access to paid content, he must purchase access codes which number and price are according to the purchase configuration of the product.

Once access codes have been purchased by sms, seized by the user and approved immediately by Trickpay. The user can have access to the choosen content.

the outpayment amount of this transaction will be automatically added to your account.

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